Between Rhug in Denbighshire and our coastal farm, Ty Mawr, near Caernarfon, we have up to 1,000 cattle and calves. 

The famous Aberdeen Angus breed is renowned for its quality and flavour due to high levels of marbling within the muscle. It's ability to finish off grass at around two years of age means we do not have to feed with high levels of grain.

Although primarily grass fed, we do supplement the cattle at the finishing stage on our own home grown cereals. After slaughter, in the local abattoir on the edge of the estate, the primals are dry aged for 35 days and butchered in our own cutting plant, packed and dispatched.

The 'Great Taste' award-winning Aberdeen Angus is available to purchase directly at our in-house butchers counter in the form of various steaks, roasting joints and even sausages.