Rhug Estate Organic Dee Valley Bronze Turkey

The acclaimed Rhug Organic Dee Valley Turkey is known for its traditional rich flavour and moist delicate meat with self-basting properties. Our organic award winning hand-reared turkeys are produced in the most natural way, free to roam outdoors on rich fertile pastures. This natural breeding process creates the fantastic taste, tenderness and meat yield the birds are famous for. The first Turkeys will be available for Thanksgiving

Rhug Estate Organic Turkeys enjoy seven months free ranging on Rhug Estate, exploring our clover rich pasture, feeding on the finest organic oats and enjoying a stress free life.

Our birds do not require basting and take approximately one hour less than conventional Turkeys to cook, this is because they are allowed to grow as nature intended. This also contributes to their award winning flavour and superior texture.

The self-basting, rich and tender meat tastes so good that even Michelin-starred restaurants including The Connaught London, feature our Organic Turkey on their festive menu.