As people are now staying at home we have seen a huge surge in online orders as customers look for new ways to stock up. We thought you’d like to hear how we’re dealing it.

Our Farm Shop is still open and available to visit for all your usual essentials including our range of organic meat. Please appreciate that due to social distancing rules there are only meant to be 4 customers in the shop at the same time.

What we’re doing

First and foremost, we’re looking after our staff while they’re working harder than usual to make sure your orders get to you. As we’re providing food, our staff are key workers who are still allowed to come to work. Anyone who can, is working from home, and we’ve implemented strict social distancing measures for those who are still here.

All non-essential travel has been cancelled, and we are using technology to facilitate remote meetings. Any vulnerable or high-risk colleagues are being fully supported so they do not find themselves in a risky situation.

Placing your order

Although we’re delighted to be able to help, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in customer telephone calls, and if you’ve phoned us recently, you’ll know that we’re taking longer to answer. We understand it’ll be frustrating if you’re trying to place an order and we’d strongly recommend you place your orders online if at all possible.

Changes to orders

Due to this demand, unfortunately we are unable to change any existing orders, delivery dates, or delivery addresses, unless you want to cancel the order. Trying to change an order could affect the products that you have ordered and the delivery dates confirmed.

Delivery dates

Due to the increase in the number of orders, delivery availability is further ahead than usual. Please do bear this in mind when you get in touch – you might want to add a few extra items.

Keeping you stocked up

We’re working hard to ensure we can keep your everyday essentials in stock. If you don’t see what you’re looking for straightaway on our website, have a browse – there will be alternative products available. Meanwhile our butchers are busily cutting, dicing and mincing to keep our shelves full, as well as your freezers.

You get what you order

If our stocks are too low, we’ll remove the product from sale – simple as that! There might be the very occasional hiccup whilst we try to keep up (things are moving really fast!) but as a rule, if you’ve been able to order it, you’ll receive it. So when you place your order, you can be sure we won’t send any replacement items you don’t know about, or empty your ‘basket’ before your delivery date.

Thinking of others

Most of us have relatives or neighbours who we’re concerned about. Remember, we’re happy to help them too. You can place an order of nutritious, delicious food for delivery anywhere in the UK, which is a comfort when you can’t be there to check on them in person. We are doing contactless delivery to protect all of our customers.

Working together

We thrive on challenges, and one thing we’re really good at doing is pulling together, and as a small team, we are jumping in to help out across the whole business to keep things running as normal. We’ll always do our best to make sure that you get what you need, with absolutely no reduction in the premium quality expected. We understand that this is an insecure time, and we’re glad to be able to help you and your families. We’re working behind the scenes to help our local community, and other vulnerable people.

Thank you

We are really grateful to our suppliers who are keeping us in stock, our colleagues for going the extra mile, and most of all, you, our customers.

Stay safe and well

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