Sheila Johnson embarked on her own personal health and wellness journey five years ago and has seen so much personal success with her health and wellness routine since that she wanted to share it with others. Here is the first of her blogs she has kindly written for Rhug followers to enjoy….

Practicing yoga establishes a connection between other wellness-minded areas of your life, from the food you put on your plate to the way you practice daily self-care. In short: If you allow it to do so, yoga can influence your entire existence, which is why it’s important to continue your practice — even in the midst of a global pandemic.

When your favourite yoga studio has closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, you may think you need to spend a lot of money practicing at home. However, you can definitely do yoga on the cheap — don’t let the photos on social media fool you. Are you a yogi with a tight budget? Here’s how to invest more time and energy into your practice without draining your savings.

Create a Home Yoga ‘Studio’

If you don’t always have extra cash to spend on yoga classes, creating a mini yoga studio at home can help you keep up with your practice. For instance, you can check out discount retailers for quality yoga supplies, including mats and blocks, as well as items that will make your sessions more comfortable, like blankets and yoga towels. You can also avoid overpaying by taking advantage of coupons and online promo codes.

If you want to stay focused on your practice, it’s a good idea to declutter your home. Clutter can bring about anxiety and negativity, which is the last thing you want when you’re practicing yoga. Letting in some natural light and fresh air and lighting some sage can also improve your mood and concentration.

Track Your Goals

Although you may not be able to go to your local yoga studio all the time and receive feedback from instructors, you can still set goals for yourself and track your progress. Before you begin your session, you can set an intention for what you would like to focus on. In addition to your daily goals, you can also set weekly or monthly goals.

Try using a free app on your smartphone to plan out your yoga goals for the next few weeks, and then log in regularly to report how you’re doing. You might set a goal to practice a certain number of times per week, or to learn how to hold a difficult pose for thirty seconds. Just think about what you’re really hoping to get out of your practice and work from there. Do You Yoga also suggests keeping a yoga journal to reflect on your feelings after each session.

Failure Is Okay

While you’re practicing yoga, you’re supposed to take time to focus on yourself and relax. Try to avoid comparing yourself to others online, and don’t criticize yourself for things like not being flexible enough for a certain pose. If you’re constantly putting yourself down and feeling discouraged by failure, you won’t get far in your yoga practice.

Remember, yoga is not about perfection, and “failure” is an opportunity to learn. In fact, you can often learn more from failing to reach a certain goal or nail a certain pose than you could by spending hundreds on special yoga workshops. This is because yoga is really all about the inner work and how you feel when you leave the room.

Take Your Practice Outdoors

Want to switch up your practice without spending a dime and get some fresh air while you’re at it? Try doing your morning yoga flow outside. The new scenery will be a nice change of pace, and you may find yourself feeling more mindful and present than usual. Doing yoga outdoors can also make you feel more connected to nature.

Some people may view yoga as an expensive hobby, especially when they decide to set up their own yoga space in the comfort of their homes. However, the truth is that a regular yoga practice is only as expensive as you make it. If you get creative and find ways to save your pennies, you’ll see major improvements in your yoga practice. Before you know it, you’ll be holding poses that you thought were out of reach.

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