Think of uses for sheep’s wool at this time of year and scarfs, jumpers and blankets come to mind but Rhug Estate has ingeniously used the organic wool from their large flock of sheep to make bespoke, high quality duvets and mattress toppers which don’t just keep you warm in the winter but can regulate body temperature throughout the year.

Lord Newborough, owner of Rhug organic farm, came up with the idea to use his sheep’s wool to make duvets. He said, “We have to sheer the sheep annually in the Spring otherwise it can cause the animals ill health during the summer heat. The price we were getting for the fleece was ridiculously low for such a high quality product. With a flock of 3,500 breeding ewes at Rhug we had a lot of wool. It was then that I decided we had to take matters into our own hands and make the best use out of the organic fleece.”

He added, “The duvet is as healthy and free of toxin material as you can get anywhere. The natural antibacterial properties of wool, along with its inherent ability to regulate both temperature and moisture, creates the best possible conditions for a healthy natural night’s sleep. No chemicals, no fire retardants, no man-made fibres. Just organic and sustainable – perfect. They look smart on the bed and it’s a smart decision to get one as a gift and for yourself!”

Wool duvets are sold by the gram weight of wool per square metre and are warmer than equivalent polyester or feather tog rating gram for gram, therefore a lighter weight can be used. Rhug Estate wool duvets are beautifully made using the finest natural materials including 100% pure organic cotton casings and 100% organic wool from organic sheep on Rhug Estate.

For further details on Rhug’s duvets and mattress toppers visit the Farm Shop or click here:

The wool from Rhug’s flock of sheep is also used by a local artist to make unique and decorative vases and bowls. There are also super soft Rhug sheep’s wool rugs. All are available to buy in the Farm Shop.

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