Every month seems to be hectic, as one gets older either I move more slower or life moves quicker.  Of course, it started with the inevitable April fools joker, Sarah in Sales was asked to call a Mr C Lyon and given the phone number of Chester Zoo, someone always falls for it every year!!! Haaaaha.

Once again, I find myself on my way to the far reaches of the World, this time to sell Rhug meat in Singapore, this is a long flight, but it gives me a chance to catch up with writing my monthly report to you all. It will be a grueling week starting with a night flight landing at 7.30am then straight into work, lunch with a potential customer followed by a staff training session.

My step daughter came to stay the weekend with the grandchildren, which is always a treat all be it a bit noisy. Visits are all too infrequent now as they are growing up and get involved in playing in cricket, rugby and football teams. They are very sporty which is lovely and it is always a treat when they come and stay.

On the farm lambing, continues at full thrust and this year it will definitely go down as one of the best lambing seasons in history, with the ewes giving birth to record numbers of lambs. Unfortunately, the weather has been unfavourable during this month, cold and wet and the grass has not grown at all. It has not been good for turning the ewes and lambs out onto pasture and this has produced problems with mastitis in the ewes leading to losses, leading onto the challenge what to do with the orphan lambs. There is always something to cause one a head ache.

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