Rhug Estate, renowned for its unusual herd of Bison, is now bucking the trend once again with the introduction of crocodiles to the lake.

Visitors to the Rhug Farm Shop, Bistro and Drive Thru near Corwen, Denbighshire, might be able to catch a glimpse of the crocodiles as they are being kept wild in the lake outside Lord Newborough’s home on the Estate.

Rhug has already established significant interest in Rhug Estate Crocodile burgers and steaks to some of the most important restaurants in the world. Lord Newborough said, “The demand for crocodile meat is growing year on year. Its popularity is due to the fact that it is a very healthy meat to eat. It commands a wonderful flavour which is a combination of chicken and crab that people seem to love.”

At the heart of Rhug is Lord Newborough’s commitment to an organic lifestyle. Rhug Farm is self-contained and a true ‘field to plate’ operation applying the highest standard of sustainability. Rhug is renowned for producing the highest quality meat: beef, lamb, venison, chickens, geese, and turkeys as well as organic chicken eggs. Lord Newborough puts this down to organic farming methods, which embrace the highest animal welfare standard and a stress-free lifestyle. By not routinely injecting or drenching animals, and handling them all the time, this helps to minimise stress and a happy animal produces the best quality of meat.

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