It is the time of year customers of Rhug organic meat look forward to, not just locally in north Wales, but also hotels and restaurants across the UK, Middle East and Far East. Rhug’s award winning organic Salt Marsh Lamb is once again in season.

Rhug Organic Salt Marsh Lamb is produced on the Estate’s coastal farm, Tŷ Mawr, near Caernarfon, by Deio Hughes and his family. The fields at Tŷ Mawr are washed by the sea in the winter and as a result grow special grasses and herbs such as sea lavender, samphire, sorrel, thrift and other salt marsh grasses. This unique environment imparts the lamb with its distinctive and very special, sweet, light delicate flavour that is so sought after by top chefs throughout the world. Salt Marsh Lamb is seasonal because as the grasses die back the flavour diminishes so it is only available from June until just after Christmas.

Rhug’s Organic Salt Marsh Lamb is the only Lamb to have won an award in last year’s Great British Food Awards. Rhug Salt Marsh Lamb was awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in the fresh meat section of the Great British Food Awards 2018.

Lord Newborough, owner of Rhug Estate said, “Rhug Organic Salt Marsh Lamb has such an unique flavour. The sweet, delicate flavour that the salt marsh grasses produce, combined with the organic farming system Deio uses produce a mouthwatering texture to our lamb.

“It is certainly my favourite. It is available online by calling 01490 413000, or visiting our website, or in London at Borough Market and Deli stores. Top restaurants look forward to our Salt Marsh Lamb season starting every year. So, if you want something really special here it is.”

Tŷ Mawr farm, just outside Caernarfon, is part of the Rhug Estate. Deio Hughes and his partner Margaret, have been farming there since 2006. They produce organic lamb, organic salt marsh lamb and organic beef. Deio and Margaret have a herd of 1,350 breeding North of England mules, producing 2,000 lambs annually. They also have a closed herd of 180 Aberdeen Angus breeding cows, crossed with stabiliser bulls, producing around 10 store cattle which are sold to the Rhug at around 16 months old. The family also has a small herd of Balwen sheep which they show very successfully.

Rhug organic salt marsh lamb is available to buy wholesale by contacting the sales team on: [email protected]; it is available on the menu in the Rhug Estate Bistro and customers can buy it in the Farm Shop, at the Rhug Estate’s Borough Market Stall in London and online:…

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