Our car charging point is up and running! Located in front of our Farm Shop at the side of the A5, we hope to enable and encourage sustainable electric car travel in and around North Wales.

Meet Carl-Tony!

Charger Type – Dual 7kW Type 2 PodPoint EV Charger.

Number of charging stations – Two, one on either side of the POD. However, if the demand is high, we will be increasing the number of charging points.

Location – You will find the charger to the left of the old hydro-power Pelton wheel in front of the Farm Shop with supporting signage.

Availability – The charging station will be available 24/7 – the Farm Shop and Bistro will not need to be open for people to charge their cars.

Features – The charging station is accessed through a smartphone application – POD Point Open Charge: Charging your Electric Car – start charging at the click of a button. No RFID (Radio-frequency identification) card required. Tap to get instant Sat-Nav directions from your location. Free Wi-Fi available on site to download the App if required.

Speed – There are three types of charging points available, the charger at Rhug offers a charging current double that typically available at home, reducing the time needed to charge your car. But while at Rhug, why would you want to rush? You could try our selection of coffees, sit down for a delicious meal, take a stroll around our Farm Shop offering organic and local produce, or stretch your legs around our Farm Walk. Sustainability – During periods of solar gain, the electricity supply will come directly from our solar panels located behind the Farm buildings. This aspect makes the charger highly sustainable, and very unusual. Why introduce EV Charging to Rhug – The car brand Hyundai launched their new electric vehicle at Rhug late last summer, which saw numerous vehicles travel from Liverpool to North Wales. The success of the launch was huge, and so we at Rhug decided to purchase and commission a point of our own, so that we could offer this service to the passing traffic.

Today, road transport contributes about one-fifth of the European Union’s total emissions of carbon dioxide – and the emissions from road transport increased by nearly 23% between 1990 and 2010. At the same time, road transport is an integral part of everyday life in most parts of Europe. If climate change is to be tackled, then carbon emissions from road transport will have to be reduced. In its white paper on transport issued in 2011, the EU set a goal of reducing transport emissions by 60% by 2050 – this means a dramatic increase in the number of electric vehicles on the road and so Rhug are proud to be able to contribute and encourage this new way of living.

As ever, your feedback is very important to us, and we welcome it on this new and exciting project.

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