The Rhug Estate chickens have started laying organic chocolate eggs in time for Easter Sunday, after an experiment feeding them organic chocolate pellets, instead of their usual chicken feed, has resulted in them laying chocolate eggs.

Lord Newborough, Owner of the Rhug Estate in Corwen, Denbighshire, said, “We could not believe our eyes when we realised our experiment had worked. I had heard that it was possible to produce garlic flavour and truffle flavour hen’s eggs but was very sceptical about producing an organic chocolate egg. We will be serving our very own organic chocolate hen’s eggs in our Bistro, on our specials menu, this Easter Sunday, and we plan to sell them in our Farm Shop on a first come first serve basis. I would strongly recommend booking your table in the bistro on 1 April for a wonderful Sunday lunch, together with a freshly laid organic chocolate egg.”

At the heart of Rhug is Lord Newborough’s commitment to an organic lifestyle. Rhug Farm is self-contained and a true ‘field to plate’ operation applying the highest standard of sustainability. Rhug is renowned for producing the highest quality meat: beef, lamb, chickens, geese, and turkeys as well as organic chicken eggs. Lord Newborough puts this down to organic farming methods, which embrace the highest animal welfare standard and a stress-free lifestyle. By not routinely injecting or drenching animals, and handling them all the time, this helps to minimise stress and a happy animal produces the best quality of meat.

The Rhug Farm Shop and Bistro will be open for extended hours during the Easter weekend. Opening hours information, menus and the Rhug online shop are available on the website.

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