Deep concern for the people of Ukraine has led Rhug Estate to set its conference room up as a Donation Site, acting as a drop off point for essential items urgently needed.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine last week thousands of innocent people have fled their homes and have now been reported as displaced or left homeless. Innocent people, including young children, have been left with nothing, no shelter, clothing, food or school supplies and many have felt forced to flee the country to reach safety.

Blankets, coats for women and children, warm clothes including hats, gloves, scarfs and socks can be dropped off at Rhug Estate’s conference centre (behind the farm shop) between 9am and 5pm on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 4 – 7 March 2022.

Lord Newborough, Owner of Rhug Estate said, “I have friends who are still in Ukraine. There are Rhug Estate staff who have family still in Ukraine. These are normal families who are now concerned for their lives. They have sent me terrifying footage of the war that is going on on their doorstep. We have to do all we can to help. We searched for a local donation site but couldn’t find one in this area of Denbighshire so the team here at Rhug have rallied round and we will become that local drop off site for everyone to come to and donate items.”

Lord Newborough continued, “The situation looks set to become Europe’s largest refugee crisis this century. The people of Ukraine are relying on international aid and the generosity of strangers around the world. We must do all we can.”

2 thoughts on “Rhug Estate sets up drop-off point for donations to the people of Ukraine

  1. Nick Collier says:

    Hello, i am a local business from anglesey who delivers every week to bryn sm, i watched your efforts on Ffermio tonight and would like to help, have clothes and blankets to donate, can we still drop off with you?

    1. Sarah Jones says:

      Hi Nick, thanks for getting in touch. Our appeal for donations was so overwhelmingly successful we had to close the appeal early as we ran out of space. No sorry we are not able to take anymore donations as everything has now gone to Poland to help those fleeing Ukraine.

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