Top London chef, Carlo Scotto, was welcomed to visit and tour Rhug organic farm, near Corwen, Denbighshire, last week. Rhug will supply Carlo’s exciting new solo venture, The Xier Restaurant, in London, when it opens next February.

Carlo Scotto, is the former head chef at Babbo restaurant in Mayfair. The Xier Restaurant will be his first solo venture. The Xier will be the one of the first restaurants of its kind to have a two-tiered approach to dining – casual dining on the ground floor and a fine dining experience on the first floor.

Originally from Naples, Carlo Scotto has moved his way up through the London Restaurants. During his time at Babbo he worked with the team at Rhug following a recommendation from a chef friend. He has now chosen to pair up with Rhug Estate again to supply his new restaurant which will be in Marylebone, London.

During his visit to Rhug he said, “Having spent the most important years of my career working in the UK, it was important to me that my cooking celebrated the fantastic British produce that is available. The Rhug Estate is an organic farm and I love the way they treat their animals. They ticked all the boxes for me. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of their produce and their ethos. They really understand the standard that I want to deliver in my dishes and their high-quality produce allows me to do that. I’m looking forward to working closely with them as Xier grows.”

Lord Newborough, Owner of Rhug Estate, said, “It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Carlo and his team and we are grateful to him for ensuring his customers at Xier Restaurant will enjoy the finest meat from the Rhug Estate. We wish Carlo the very best of luck with his new venture and look forward to continue working with him in the future.”

The Rhug Estate has been supplying many of the top restaurants and hotels in London since 2004 with organic lamb, salt marsh lamb, beef, chicken, and game reared on the estate. Rhug also source organic pork, local shot wild deer and organic eggs for top chefs who recognise the Rhug as a strong, well-recognised Michelin star brand, which offers unrivalled security of provenance.

Lord Newborough concluded, “The superior quality of Rhug’s products speak for themselves but I do firmly believe that having chefs visit our farm is essential in order to explain how we use sustainable farming practices to produce our high-quality meats. Organic farming is all to do with adopting the highest standards of animal welfare and removing stress in the production cycle, this produces the highest quality meat.”

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