In 2017, 95% of the wines sold at The Rhug Estate Farm Shop will be organic wines, this makes us one of the first establishments to do so in Wales. 

To coincide with this new offering, the Rhug Estate will be hosting frequent wine clubs, the first of which will be hosted by Linda Ward, UK Sales Manager for Vintage Roots wine company. Linda is a frequent speaker at National wine events and is looking forward to bring her expertise to Rhug on the evening of Friday the 21st of April, where people can come together for tasting sessions of the new product offerings, free of charge! Rhug will also be stocking up on sulphate-free wine which, although extremely difficult and time-consuming to produce, is the healthiest wine available. This is due to the wine being pure from any chemicals and preserving all the natural goodness that comes with very little filtering – also contributing to a hangover-free morning the next day!

To fully appreciate the new product offering, all Farm Shop and Bistro Staff have been attending training (and tasting) sessions with Linda so their knowledge is brought up-to-scratch to answer any customer queries. Everyone found the experience extremely interesting and can’t wait to put it all into practice at the beginning of next week.

Rhug look forward to inviting all wine-lovers to the Wine Club and hope that they can educate people about the different products available – which ones to buy and which ones to avoid.

For more information about the Wine-Club, please call the Farm Shop Office on 01490 411100

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