Rhug Estate recently hosted a group of enthusiastic students from the prestigious Cheshire College South & West Catering and Hospitality program, accompanied by their talented tutor, Chef Adam Gaunt-Evans. The visit, coordinated by Rhug Estate’s Events Manager Liz, proved to be a valuable learning experience for both the students and the Rhug team.

Throughout the day, the students participated in a series of informative sessions led by Rhug Estate’s passionate team members. Mared, Rhug’s Sustainability Champion, offered insights into the estate’s dedication to eco-friendly practices. Groundskeeper Dave Pooler unveiled the fascinating history and beauty of the Rhug Hall grounds, while Cutting Plant Manager Barry Fox impressed with a live demonstration of expert meat preparation techniques.

The highlight of the day for many was the insightful tractor tour led by former Farm Manager Gareth Jones. As they traversed the vast estate and farm, the students encountered bison, cows, chickens, and sheep grazing peacefully. Gareth provided a firsthand look at Rhug’s agricultural operations, focusing on their commitment to sustainable practices and regenerative farming.

The session delved into the importance of organic farming and the positive impact it has on animal welfare and the quality of food. The students learned about the benefits of organic methods, such as improved soil health and reduced environmental impact. Gareth also offered an honest reflection on the challenges of not using artificial fertilisers and medications, showcasing the dedication and expertise required for successful organic farming.

Student Feedback

The visit sparked a range of enthusiastic responses from the students:

Amanda: “My favourite part about Rhug was the deer. I found it very interesting how they take care of them and how they live day-to-day. They get left to do their own thing but are checked on daily to make sure they are getting on well. I also enjoyed the economical side of it, how they’ve tried to make the farm bigger and better for the environment and for all the animals on there to make sure everything is handled well and smoothly.”

Jakub: “I have seen the most amazing animals! I have been told how the farm works and been shown how proper farming is done. Now I understand how important farms are for the hospitality industry.”

Nathan: “Thank you for an amazing time teaching us about organic farming and taking time out of your day to show us all around!”

Phoebe: “The staff at Rhug were amazing to us all day and were great at explaining everything to us and answering the questions we had. The deer was my favourite part to see and hear about.”

Rian: “Loved watching the lamb butchering, especially how quickly they did it. Everyone was very welcoming.”

“The students’ inquisitive spirit and passion for food were a joy to witness,” said a spokesperson for Rhug Estate. “Their visit highlighted the growing interest in understanding the farm-to-fork journey, a topic we are very passionate about at Rhug. Sharing our team’s expertise is a vital part of nurturing the future leaders of the food industry.”

Rhug Estate extends a sincere thank you to Events Manager Liz and Chef Adam Gaunt-Evans, a for arranging this successful visit. The estate looks forward to welcoming future generations of food enthusiasts and inspiring them on their culinary journeys.

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