The surplus carbon that Rhug Estate produces is set to benefit every customer over the next 12 months. Each vehicle that visits Rhug’s farmshop, café, drive thru and takeaway, will be given the peace of mind that part of their onward journey will be carbon neutral thanks to the carbon saved on Rhug’s organic farm.

At Rhug sustainability is considered in every aspect of the business from the organic farm to the takeaway packaging. Last year the carbon footprint of Rhug Organic Farm was measured and as a result of work already done, the Estate is very fortunate to be in a carbon negative position.

Lord Newborough now wants customers to benefit from the surplus carbon that Rhug Estate has produced. Two hundred and fifty tonnes of the surplus carbon have been set aside to offset part of the onward journey of every customer for the next 12 months. For those living within five miles of the Estate their entire journey will be completely carbon neutral.

Lord Newborough has enlisted the services of Wrexham company, Bloci, to independently track the amount of carbon used, per vehicle, using blockchain technology.

Lord Newborough said, “We are pleased to be in a carbon negative position as a result of our passion for sustainability in everything we do. I now want our customers to benefit from our carbon surplus. Those who live locally and shop at Rhug will benefit the most as their journey will be completely carbon neutral. My hope is this will also give tourists visiting the area the peace of mind that the emissions of their vehicle, for some of their onward journey, will be offset by the surplus carbon produced here.”   

A QR code will be on every Rhug Estate customer’s receipt, and on noticeboards around the area, which will direct visitors to the Bloci Carbon webpage that will demonstrate the amount of carbon already used by customers and the carbon still available.

“We are fortunate where we are positioned along the A5 as it is the gateway to tourists visiting the beautiful areas of Snowdonia and the Llyn Peninsula. Most have to travel by car to reach these stunning locations and I want those who choose to stop with us to have this added benefit,” said Lord Newborough.

Customers will be able to see for themselves the transfer of Carbon to offset their journey in the form of graph created and updated by Bloci. The graph will be updated monthly with the figures of vehicles having visited Rhug Estate. Click here to see the graph:

Idris Price Director of Bloci, based in Wrexham said, “We are delighted that Lord Newborough selected us to work with Rhug on this initiative. It shows Welsh businesses are at the forefront of adopting new technology and we have the expertise here in Wales. Bloci Ltd is one of the leading Welsh businesses with expertise to advice and support businesses looking to adopt Blockchain technology for business use. We’d be delighted to see more businesses adopting Blockchain and we’re ready to assist them.”

Mared Williams, Rhug Estate’s Low Carbon Project Manager, calculated the amount of carbon required to offset a part of visitors’ journeys for 12 months. She based the calculations on the worst case, most polluting vehicles, and worked from figures of visitors to Rhug last year which suggested a maximum of 15,000 vehicles per month. She calculated 21 tonnes of carbon was required each month to offset part of everyone’s emissions and she has set aside this amount of carbon for the benefit of Rhug’s customers in her ongoing work.

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