Almost 40 top chefs and restaurateurs will leave their kitchens in London next week to come and visit Rhug Estate in Corwen, Denbighshire, to see where the organic meat they order comes from.

Exquisite London restaurants such as the Connaught, Fat Duck, the Marks Club and Le Manoir, will be represented during the visit which will take place on Tuesday, 11 June 2019.

Lord Newborough, Owner of Rhug Estate, said, “We invite head chefs, aspiring chefs and front of house to visit us at Rhug once a year to find out more about what goes into creating the amazing and special organic meat we produce here on the farm. We are delighted to act as host to our customers whether it be on this coach trip or at other times of the year when chefs can visit. Rhug is one of the last true field to plate operations in the country and it is a wonderful opportunity for chefs to see organic and sustainable farming at its best. The raw material of what they use to create their amazing dishes depends on the quality of the produce that they use. This is a chance to see the animals so quiet and content in the fields and also meet the team here who are so passionate and dedicated at looking after their animals and customers alike.

During their visit the chefs will enjoy a lunch of Rhug Organic Welsh lamb in the Bistro on arrival, they will then be given a butchery demonstration by Rhug’s Production Manager, Gary Jones and a tour of Rhug’s Cutting Plant. They will then be taken on a tour of the farm by Farm Manager, Gareth Jones, where they will see the sheep, cattle, chickens, bison and deer. Finally they will watch a sheep dog demonstration.

Hybu Cig Cymru / Meat Promotion Wales has kindly sponsored the chefs’ visit to Rhug Estate. The Estate’s meat cutting plant has been approved by HCC, thus ensuring that only lamb from Rhug that meets the specifications of the European Commission’s Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) designation is labelled and sold to consumers as Welsh Lamb.

At the heart of Rhug is Lord Newborough’s commitment to an organic lifestyle. Rhug Farm applies the highest standard of sustainability. Rhug is renowned for producing the highest quality meat: beef, lamb, chickens, geese and turkeys. Lord Newborough puts this down to organic farming methods which embrace the highest animal welfare standards; by not routinely injecting or drenching animals, and handling them all the time, this helps to minimise stress and a happy animal produces the best quality of meat.

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