Once again, we welcomed a rafter of Organic Turkeys to Rhug Estate Organic Farm this year, just in time for a slow-growing seven months of free ranging on our rich organic pasture. 

Christmas lunch is one of the most important meals of the year, at the restaurant and at home I always want a Rhug Organic Turkey – Marcus Wareing.

Our Birds

Each year these very special free range birds arrive at Rhug, they are settled into their lodge and as soon as they are big enough, they are left to explore the abundance of space available to them.

With plenty of the finest organic oats and pellets to go around, our Dee Valley Bronze Turkeys feast on the finest food which contributes to their Great Taste Award winning flavour. They have a free ranging life outdoors with minimal interference from the outside world, which allows them to grow on natures schedule.

This stress free life is longer than the industry standard, meaning our Free Range Turkeys get a slow growth. Consequently, the meat is more flavoursome, moist and has a superior texture to that of your average Christmas Turkey.

A Rhug Estate Organic Turkey is perfect for Christmas, Thanksgiving and all other festive celebrations.

Quality Free Range Turkey

The quality of our Turkey doesn’t only produce a moist, flavoursome meat with a great taste, it also requires a substantially lower cooking time.

This is due to the lack of unnecessary chemicals and the slow growth of the bird. Because all of our Turkeys reach maturity, they lay down a natural fat which conducts heat as the bird cooks. 

Enjoy yours this year and pre order online today. 

Making your Christmas Organic

  • Our birds free range for seven months
  • They are fed on organic oats & pellets
  • Winner of a Great Taste Award
  • Voted Which ‘Best Buy’
  • Delivered in time for Christmas
  • Preorders open

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