It can be difficult to pair all the different foods at Christmas with the appropriate wine. We’ve asked our friends at Vintage Roots to shed some light on the choices we should be making this festive season.

Whether you’re taking on the turkey or opting for an alternative dinner-table centrepiece, there is a wine out there that is the perfect choice.

Gaillard Touraine Sauvignon Blanc – classic French white to have with salmon or goat’s cheese

Adobe Sauvignon Blanc – versatile white that go with lighter white meats (probably a bit too light for Christmas dinner with gravy etc)

Bousquet Chardonnay – light chardonnay to pair with salmon and turkey.

Signos Chardonnay – rich, creamy white wine that’s perfect with turkey and all the trimmings. Also good with pork, chicken and goose.

Adobe Pinot Noir – Fruity, soft red, ideal with Christmas dinner. Also good with pork.

Chateau Couronneau – Good with goose and beef

Vina Ijalba Rioja Crianza – Rioja is the classic match for lamb

Though we understand that many of you will opt for a meat-free Christmas. If so, how about:

For vegetarian/vegan options, we would normally pick the Bousquet for the white, and the Adobe Pinot for the red. The same for mushroom dishes, depending on how light/creamy/cheesy they are. For tomato or tomato/cheese based food then we would always look to Italy for something with a bit more acidity, so the Hoopoe Nero d’Avola and When We Dance Chianti.

And something for after dinner…

To match with cheese as in a cheese board, then richer reds such as Bousquet Grand Reserve Malbec, Chateau Rochecolombe and Salvaje would be good, or the Heaven on Earth Sweet Muscat.

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