Compassion in World Farming have discovered new evidence which links higher animal welfare standards with a higher nutritional value in organic meat, in comparison to conventional meat.

The report reveals that organic and free-range meat, eggs and dairy contain a much higher proportion of antioxidants and Omega-3, as essential fatty acid in our diets.

Organic and free-range chicken and pork alone are found to respectively contain 565% and 290% omega-3 than their conventionally farmed equivalents and organic and free-range eggs contain 100% more Vitamin E and 280% more beta-carotene - two elements which can be linked to a reduced risk of cancer and heart disease.

The levels of unhealthy fats are also reduced when consuming organic and free-range meat, with chickens containing 50% less fat than conventionally farmed birds and beef also containing up to 25-50% less fat.

One of the research managers on the Compassion in World Farming report, Emily Lewis-Brown says: "The industrial farming model is unsustainable and relentless in its exploitation of animals, land, energy and water.

"An urgent move to higher-welfare standards is required to improve animal welfare, and contributing to improved nutrition. The results of our report indicate that increasing animal welfare systems can have nutritional benefits for people"