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Posted by Graham on 01/04/18, in Lord Newborough, Estate News, Awards

Rhug Estate Delighted to be granted Royal Warrant

Lord Newborough, Owner of the Rhug Estate, near Corwen, Denbighshire, is thrilled to have been granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales from 1 April 2018, for Rhug Organic Farm which incorporates the farm, the wholesale meat business, the cutting plant, the butcher’s counter at Rhug Farm shop and Rhug’s stall at London’s Borough Market.

Posted by Graham on 21/03/18, in Lord Newborough, Estate News

Esteemed Eateries in Hong Kong feature Rhug meats on their Menus

World renowned restaurants in Hong Kong are presenting new exclusive Great British dishes on their menus, made with British seasonal produce including Rhug Estate organic beef, lamb, chicken and pork from today, [21 March] until 2 April.

Posted by Elin on 20/10/17, in Lord Newborough, Estate News

The War and Lord Michael 'Micky' Vaughan Wynne

Our current Lord Newborough's father, Michael "Micky" Vaughan Wynne, was quite the character. But not many people know about his heroic and, rather absurd, military experience.

Posted by Elin on 26/09/17, in Lord Newborough, Estate News

Rhug Estate and Bangor University Project Begins

Bangor University and the Rhug Estate are delighted to announce the launch of a collaborative project to explore the influence and significance of the Rhug and Bachymbyd estates during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Posted by Gareth on 05/12/16, in Lord Newborough, Estate News

Lord Newborough's Blog - November 2016

A lot has been going on at Rhug this month, including bringing the cattle into the yard for the winter, hedge cutting, changing the colour of the crayons on the paddles on the rams so you can see what and when they have been up to with the ewes, tidying up the yard, making sure the turkeys and geese are fit and ready for Christmas, farm visits and lots more!!

Posted by Gareth on 09/11/16, in Lord Newborough, Estate News

Lord Newborough's blog - October & November

This month there have been a lot of visits to our farm; starting with an excellent visit by seven chefs from the Firmdale Hotel Group. This amazing group of hotels are world leaders in the industry and are known for being some of the most unique and chic boutiques hotels you will find anywhere.

Posted by Gareth on 13/09/16, in Lord Newborough, Estate News

Food Trends 2017

The biggest problem foodies have these days is where to eat and what to eat, the options have become endless. Standards are improving all the time and every restaurant is wanting to find their edge by upping their game or serving specialist dishes. Customers eating trends can change quickly and what is fashionable one year is different the next.

Posted by Gareth on 06/09/16, in Lord Newborough, Estate News

Lord Newborough's blog July & August

These are the months on the farm when we are busy with collecting silage, making hay, planting winter root crops and topping nettles and thistles. One of the challenges on an organic farm is that the weeds cannot be sprayed, so in order to stop the seeds spreading for the following year we mechanically top the nettles and thistles before they seed, an arduous and long winded task.