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Posted by Chloe on 07/01/18, in Recipes

Richard Holt's Amaretto Pie with Walnut Ice Cream

Richard Holt is Head Pastry Chef at Marcus restaurant at The Gilbert Scott and he is going to share his favourite Winter recipe, his Pumpkin and Amaretto Pie with Walnut Ice Cream.

Posted by Chloe on 21/12/17, in Recipes

Michele Carretta's Organic Beef Ragù Recipe

Authentic Gragnano mezzi paccheri made from organic flour drawn in the traditional “Al Bronzo” way (Trafilato al Bronzo), knife cut, rare-breed organic Rhug Estate beef shoulder braised for four hours with San Marzano tomatoes, thyme, rosemary and marjoram, then blended in Alpeggio butter and 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano.

Posted by Chloe on 18/12/17, in Recipes, Christmas

Michele Carretti's Pulled Lamb with Red Peppers and Mashed Potatoes

A perfect meal to be enjoyed hot or cold (serves 4). Organic slow-cooked lamb leg scented with aromatic herbs, pulled and served with peeled and seedless oven cooked peppers and creamy mashed potatoes with Sicilian extra virgin olive oil.

The first of two recipes from the brilliant Michele Carretta at Godo Restaurant, London

Posted by Chloe on 13/12/17, in Recipes, Christmas

Cyrus Todiwala's Brussel Sprouts Recipe

Brussel sprouts... we either love them or hate them. For those of you still unsure, this recipe by Cyrus Todiwala, Head Chef at London's Cafe Spice offers a fresh twist to cooking the much debated vegetable.

Posted by Chloe on 04/12/17, in Recipes, Christmas

Chris Zachwieja's Mallard with Duck Egg, Leek and Pearl Barley

If you're hosting a Christmas dinner party this year, or thinking of preparing a starter before the main feast, why not try this incredible Mallard dish with fried duck egg, leek and pearl barley, developed by Chris Zachwieja and his team at The Boisdale, Belgravia, London. Prepare the duck in one of two ways.

Posted by Chloe on 01/12/17, in Recipes, Christmas

Gregory Marchand's Smoked Bacon and Maple Syrup Scones

Mixing sweet and savoury doesn't always end well, though these incredibly simple to make Smoked Bacon and Maple Syrup Scones from our friends at Frenchie Covent Garden are sure to be a success with your friends and family this Christmas.

Posted by Chloe on 28/11/17, in Recipes

Lord Newborough's Choice: Ham Glaze Recipes

Year after year, Lord Newborough admits that their family Christmas just wouldn't be the same without a large organic gammon joint, smothered in a sweet and delicious glaze.

Posted by Chloe on 17/10/17, in Recipes

Mark & Shauna Froydenlund's Organic Roast Goose

Here, Mark and Shauna Froydenlund, joint chef patrons of his flagship restaurant at the Berkeley hotel in Knightsbridge, share their best recipes for perfect roast organic Rhug Estate Goose.