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Posted by Charlotte on 30/04/18, in Estate News, The Farm

Arrivals from Africa

Early this week, a walk in the woods on the Rhug Estate revealed three very special birds, freshly arrived from their immense migratory journey from Africa.  

Posted by Graham on 01/04/18, in Estate News, The Farm

Rhug Estate Chickens lay Organic Chocolate Eggs in time for Easter

The Rhug Estate chickens have started laying organic chocolate eggs in time for Easter Sunday, after an experiment feeding them organic chocolate pellets, instead of their usual chicken feed, has resulted in them laying chocolate eggs.

Posted by Charlotte on 28/03/18, in Estate News, The Farm

Jousting at Dawn by Keith Offord

This is the time of year when, at first light, a quite phenomenal ritual occurs on the highest and most remote parts of the Rhug Estate.

Posted by Chloe on 18/09/17, in The Farm

Why Rhug Estate Organic Turkey?

Once again, we welcomed a rafter of Organic Turkeys to Rhug Estate Organic Farm this year, just in time for a slow-growing seven months of free ranging on our rich organic pasture.