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Rhug Estate

Organic Aberdeen Angus Beef Mini Topside Joint

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Topside is a traditional British favourite that is perfected roasted or braised. Our organic Topside is produced from our award winning organic Aberdeen Angus herd meaning it is extra succulent, flavoursome and high quality.

Roast your topside with simple sea-salt, sugar and mustard then serve with herby roast potatoes for a twist on this classic roast dinner accompaniment.


Product Information

Our organic beef topside joint comes from our Aberdeen Angus breeding heard which are renowned for their succulent flavour and perfectly balanced flavour.

Our beef is raised on organic pastures and allowed to roam free and grow as nature intended. this means our meat is more flavoursome and has a richer quality to that of your traditional beef topside joint.

Once finished our Aberdeen Angus beef is dry aged for 28 days to allow that flavour to develop into our award winning taste.


100% organic beef topside joint


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