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Organic Dee Valley Bronze Turkey - FROZEN 20% OFF!!

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Our Frozen Turkeys currently have 20% OFF!!!

The Rhug Organic Dee Valley Bronze Turkey is acclaimed as one of the best tasting turkeys in the UK, having recently been awarded a 1* Great Taste Award 2019 and voted "best buy" turkey by The Independent 2015.

Please note that whilst we try to match the weight of your bird to your order, sometimes it may vary due to our birds being raised organically. We will try our very best to supply you with a bird within 0.5kg either side of the requested weight.

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Our Frozen Turkeys currently have 20% OFF!!!

  1. 4.5KG Turkey - Was £80.78 Now £64.62
  2. 5.5KG Turkey - Was £98.73 Now £78.98
  3. 6.5KG Turkey - Was £116.68 Now £93.34
  4. 7.5KG Turkey - Was £134.63 Now £107.70
  5. 8.5KG Turkey - Was £152.58 Now £122.06
  6. 9.5KG Turkey - Was £170.53 Now £136.42

The self basting, rich and tender meat tastes so good that even Michelin-starred restaurants including The Connaught, London feature Rhug turkeys on their festive menu.

Rhug Estate organic turkeys enjoy almost seven months living free range on the farm near Corwen, north Wales. Once they have settled in their lodges, they can venture out every day onto clover-rich organic pasture, fed on the finest organic oats grown on the farm and enjoy a stress-free life listening to classical music.

Rhug Organic Dee Valley Bronze are beautiful black turkeys that have self-basting properties under the skin. Because they are free range, and out every day, the turkeys have texture, flavour and a browner leg meat than birds produced in any other way, they also cook faster than conventional turkeys. Find out more about how our birds are raised over on our dedicated Turkey page.

Michelin-starred restaurants including Four Seasons and The Rosewood, in London, in London, feature Rhug organic turkey on their festive menu. Rhug organic turkey are also served in Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau.


Per Serving: 85g

Calories: 160

Fat: 10g

Protein: 24g


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