Rhug Organic Farm

At the heart of Rhug Estate is our commitment to an organic lifestyle.

Lord Newborough has been involved in farming from an early age.  He gained practical experience on other farms and went to agricultural college to learn farm management.  He took over the Estate from his father in 1998.  At that time, the farm covered 2,500 acres and was a low-input/low-output beef and sheep farm with nine employees.  He set about converting the estate to an organic farm, where the animals are free to graze in a stress-free environment.

The Rhug Estate now consists of two farms covering a combined 8,000 acres.  It also includes a bistro, the Bison Grill, a farm shop, a conference facility, a drive-through and a herd of sika deer (the most recent arrivals).  The Estate employs 115 people, over 90% of whom live within 10 miles of the workplace.

In 2000 the farm was certified organic by The Soil Association.  The bespoke Rhug organic brand includes Aberdeen Angus beef, bison, Welsh lamb, salt marsh lamb, pork, game (in season), chicken, turkey and goose.

The farm is a self-contained field-to-plate operation that follows the highest animal welfare standards.  It does not routinely drench (administer drugs by mouth) or inject its animals, and avoids handling them.  It all helps minimise stress and rear happy animals, which produce the best meat.

The farm also benefits from rich organic pastures that our animals are free to graze on with almost no interruption. They live life as nature intended with minimal stress and the highest quality of life which is all monitored by our governing body, The Soil Association.