New & Seasonal

Enjoy the best of what our seasons have to offer from our delicious Organic Salt Marsh Lamb from June through to January, sought after by top chefs around the world through to our award winning Organic Dee Valley Bronze Turkeys at Thanksgiving & Christmas, succulent, tasty and sure to take centre stage at any dinner.

Atkins and Potts Turkey Gravy

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Rhug Estate Organic Dee Valley Bronze Turkey – FRESHLY FROZEN


Rhug Estate Dee Valley Bronze Turkey Crown (Inc. Wing Tips & Legs)


Hydrated skin is key

Keep your skin hydrated in the colder weather with the Wild Beauty range.

Moisturising Hand Lotion with Apricot Oil & Heather

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Nourishing Body Cream with Marshmallow Root & Lemon Balm

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Protecting Day Cream with Blue Tansy Oil

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Rebalancing Skin Tonic with Meadowsweet

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Stay Comfortable Indoors

A few of our farm shop favourites for you to enjoy.

Rhug Estate Sheep Skin Rug

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Rhug Estate Wool Duvet (Double)


Treat Someone Special

Make someones day with a treat from our gift shop. Or maybe just treat yourself, you deserve it.