The Rhug Story

Rhug Estate covers 12,500 acres extending from Gwyddelwern in the north, Carrog to the east, Cynwyd to the south and Maerdy to the west. The 6,700 acre inhand organic farm in Denbighshire is the geographical core of the estate along with Rhug Hall being the main residence. The remainder of the estate has about 170 tenancies including: let farms, in hand and let forestry, let cottages, commercial premises and storage, traditional sporting including shooting and fishing, modern sports such as rally car driving, gorge walking, mountain biking, canoeing and public events.

More about Rhug Estate

Organic Beef

Sourced from our national award winning Aberdeen Angus herd which are reared on our coastal farm near the historic town of Caernarfon, North Wales. The calves are weaned at ten months of age, and then transferred to our main farm at Rhug for finishing at two years of age.

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Organic Lamb

Rhug organic lambs are born, bred and reared at Lord Newborough's main farm at Rhug in Corwen and our Salt Marsh lamb come from our coastal farm near Caernarfon.

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Organic Chicken

Rhug Organic Chickens are slow maturing birds that are free to range onto organic pastures for 11 to 16 weeks. The birds are hand reared in a temperature controlled environment for the first 11 days before turning out into huts of only 600.

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Organic Free Range Pork

We source only the finest quality organic pork from Soil Association approved farms.

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Organic Turkey

Voted Best Buy Christmas Turkey by The Independent, December 2015

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Organic Goose

Rhug Organic Geese arrive at the farm in June, then they enjoy free ranging for seven months and are the very best organic geese you can buy for the Christmas table.

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Properties to Let

Visit this page if you are interested in renting a property on our beautiful estate

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Caravan and Boat Storage

Secure indoor storage available.

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Events Venue

From classic cars to young farmers...

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