Tune in to Channel 5 tonight to see Rhug Estate as you never have before – with exclusive behind-the-scenes stories from Lord Newborough and the Rhug Estate team.

Rhug Estate is featured in the first episode of a new Channel 5 television series showcasing the finest farm shops in Britain. The production team had access to all areas of the farm, showing how the shop, takeaway and drive thru operate on a daily basis.

The TV crew filmed with us over a period of several weeks – looking at the farm shop itself, as well as our drive thru and takeaway. They also followed Lord Newborough to London where he visited exclusive restaurants that serve Rhug meat on their menus.

The stunning landscape of the fields, rivers and mountains around our Corwen farm co-star alongside Lord and Lady Newborough, and key members of the Rhug and Wild Beauty team feature throughout the show.

You can see Rhug Estate on Britain’s Poshest Farm Shops at 8pm tonight on Channel 5, or you can watch online by following the link below.

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