World renowned restaurants in Hong Kong are presenting new exclusive Great British dishes on their menus, made with British seasonal produce including Rhug Estate organic beef, lamb, chicken and pork from today, [21 March] until 2 April.

Some of Hong Kong’s best restaurants are celebrating British gastronomy in their participation in the Food is Great campaign, organised by the British Consulate-General. The dining campaign includes exclusive menus at 18 of the city’s dining establishments.

Rhug Estate owner, Lord Newborough, has just returned from a week-long visit to Hong Kong where he showcased the range of meats and products available from the Rhug to current and potential customers at various events and meetings.

During Lord Newborough’s trip to Hong Kong he attended Morgan Stanley’s International Investors Summit to put on a food station to help feed 400 delegates. This event was masterminded by Executive Chef, Yannick Guillemot, and Sodexo. He also visited many high profile restaurants run by the Heart Group and hotels, including the five star Peninsula Hotel.

The Rhug Estate has been supplying many of the top restaurants and hotels in Hong Kong since 2007 with organic lamb, salt marsh lamb, beef, chicken, and game reared on the estate. Rhug also source organic pork, local shot wild deer and organic eggs for top chefs who recognise the Rhug as a strong, well-recognised Michelin star brand, which offers unrivalled security of provenance.

Lord Newborough said, “The superior quality of Rhug’s products speak for themselves but I do firmly believe that meeting potential customers is essential in order to explain how we use sustainable farming practices to produce our high-quality meats. Organic farming is all to do with adopting the highest standards of animal welfare standards and removing stress in the production cycle, this produces the highest quality meat. Our customers in Hong Kong are a mixture of international clientele and discerning locals that want to know where their food comes from and how it is produced. We deliver to Hong Kong and Macau via our distributors, Classic Fine Foods, every week.”

Ynyr Jones, worked at Rhug Estate for many years and was promoted through the ranks to shop manager.  He now promotes and distributes Rhug products in Hong Kong through his position as Product Specialist Department Manager at Classic Fine Foods. Ynyr said, “Having worked for the Rhug Estate for over 10 years it gives me great pleasure to now promote the brand and the produce to customers in the Far East.  The Food is Great campaign is an excellent opportunity to showcase some of the finest products Great Britain has to offer, which of course includes Rhug Estate.  In years to come Asia will become an important target market for many producers from Great Britain and with a loyal and ever-growing customer base Rhug Estate is a fine example of how to thrive in this competitive market.”Lord Newborough with Ynyr Jones and the chef at La Rambla

Ynyr Jones and Lord Newborough with the chef at La Rambla in Hong Kong

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