Spring is possibly one of the preferred seasons by the majority, including myself, however it can also be the most frustrating time of the year on the farm, it’s always the ‘do we’ or ‘don’t we’ time. Is it too wet to plough? Can we turn the cattle out or is it too wet? Will it snow like it did three years ago? Will we have enough silage? When will the grass start growing and so on…?

The only thing one can do is to make best use of every dry day that comes our way, the work has to be done sometime and as much as we would like to predict what the weather will do we can’t. Having said that, here’s the ultra-long weather forecast for Wales so you can plan your summer up until the end of September, I hope its right, as I’m already looking forward to July!

Spring and the leaves start to appear on the trees, the grass grows green, flowers begin to bloom and many animals are taking care of their newborn offspring. This is a busy season for farmers and here at Rhug the story is no different, lambing is in full swing and this year we are having our best lambing ever. Calves are also being born on our farm on the coast and we wait eagerly for the first Bison calf to be born here on the Rhug Estate. 

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