Rhug Estate, renowned for its commitment to sustainable practices and exceptional produce, is proud to announce a new partnership with Racalia, a distinguished producer of organic extra virgin olive oil. This exciting collaboration brings together two like-minded brands, united in their passion for quality, environmental responsibility, and creating truly delicious experiences.

Nestled on a sun-drenched Sicilian ridge between Marsala and Trapani, Racalia’s olive groves have flourished under the care of the same English family since 1840. Their unwavering dedication to organic farming methods ensures the health of the land and the purity of their olives. Traditional production techniques are then employed, allowing the olives’ natural character to shine through in every bottle of Racalia’s exquisite oil.

“At Rhug Estate, we champion sustainable practices across all facets of our operations,” says Lord Newborough, owner of Rhug Estate. “We believe in supporting businesses who share this ethos, and Racalia’s commitment to organic farming deeply resonates with us. Their dedication to quality and respect for the environment mirrors our own philosophy, making this partnership a perfect fit.”

The resulting olive oil is a testament to Racalia’s dedication to excellence. Each bottle overflows with the vibrant essence of Sicily, capturing the unique characteristics of the land and the fruit. The oil’s pure, flavourful profile elevates any dish, adding a touch of luxury and authenticity to your culinary creations.

“We are incredibly excited to introduce Racalia to our customers at Rhug Estate,” continues Lord Newborough. “We know they appreciate the finest ingredients, and Racalia’s olive oil is truly exceptional. It’s a perfect complement to our existing range of high-quality products, and we’re confident it will become a staple in many of our customers’ kitchens.”

By partnering with Racalia, Rhug Estate reaffirms its commitment to supporting sustainable practices and offering customers the very best. Visit Rhug Estate today and discover Racalia’s exquisite olive oil. It’s a taste of Sicily, a celebration of responsible farming, and a perfect addition to your culinary journey.

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