Now the clocks have gone back and the days start drawing in, visitors to Rhug will be able to enjoy the very best tea as the Estate introduces its own range of Rhug branded Organic Teas.

Rhug has teamed up with a small company that specialises in supplying some of the world’s finest teas. Cup of Tea Ltd, run by Simon and Christine Collins, supply teas which are made using only the finest handpicked tea leaves.

Graham Webster, General Manager Rhug Ltd said, “We are delighted to be able to offer our customers this new range of organic teas. Visitors to our Bistro, Takeaway and Drive Thru will be able to choose from a variety of flavours and have them made for them as the staff have had training from Simon on how to make the tea so it is served at its best to customers. Visitors to our Farm Shop will also be able to buy Rhug tea, either as tea bags or loose leaf.”

All the Rhug Teas are certified Organic with the loose leaf varieties being produced using orthodox methods from carefully selected tea gardens. Orthodox teas are produced using traditional techniques of hand picking and processing in small batches for the very best quality. The final result is down to the expertise of the craftsmen in the tea gardens. Deciding when to pick and exactly how to process the leaves means that only the finest handpicked leaves are considered good enough.

Simon Collins from Cup of Tea Ltd said, “We have several decades of experience within the tea industry and have worked hard to ensure the teas we supply are the best available. We have worked with the team at Rhug to offer customers a selection of organic teas that we hope they will enjoy – whether they are made for them when they visit Rhug or at home.”

Rhug’s new range of teas include:

Rhug Blend (Assam Leaf) – A classic Assam tea from the north east of India with a full-bodied and spicy cup. Assam is one of the best known tea growing areas in India with the tea garden being the place that originally pioneered organic tea growing. Strong and full-bodied in taste with a slight malty finish.

Rhug Blend Teabags – Delicious black organic tea from Africa. These teabags brew quickly to a classic English Breakfast taste without too much tannin. Dark and strong with lots of flavour, this tea is delicious with milk. The teabags have been developed with no plastic and unbleached paper.

Earl Grey – A first class example of one of the most famous flavoured black teas – Earl Grey scented with natural bergamot oil. The flavour and taste of Earl Grey is created by scenting the tea with fine, lemon-fresh bergamot oil that comes from certified organic resources.

Sweet Pi Lo Chun – A light, tasty, green tea with a finely tart yet sweet character. Harvested by hand between April and May only the freshest leaf, the bud and two to three youngest leaves are picked and processed. The name Pi Lo Chun translates as: Pi: The colour of the tea (green like emerald); Lo: The shape of the leaves (small snails); Chun: Spring (harvest time).

Chai – Traditional Indian spiced tea – temptingly sweet and pleasantly spicy. Spices include cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger and anise blended with delicious malty Assam tea. You can enjoy this national beverage of India with or without a dash of milk.

Rooibos Vanilla – Classic Rooibos from South Africa expertly enhanced with the natural sweetness of Bourbon Vanilla. A soothing infusion rich in vitamin C. An absolute feast for the taste buds.  Soft and pleasant on the palate with a gentle, full-bodied flavour.

Peppermint – Spicy, aromatic peppermint tea with a lovely cool invigorating freshness and a hint of sweetness.

Wild Fruit – Fine fruit infusion blended from berries that infuse into a summery, slightly sweet tasting cup. The fruit infusion comes with the typical slight tartness of hibiscus but delivers summery sweetness from lovely berry notes.

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