This past Wednesday 30th of May, the Rhug Estate played host to a wildly successful event featuring Animal Encounters Wales! Two fantastic workshops offered children the chance to get up close and personal with a variety of amazing animals, all under the watchful eye of Animal Encounters’ passionate team.

A Day Filled with Fun and Learning

The workshops were a roaring success, with children thoroughly engaged as they learned about different mini-beasts and creepy crawlies, some children even overcoming initial fears of even being in the same area as them. The afternoon was filled with squeals of delight and unforgettable memories including the children building their own bug hotels.

A Special Guest Makes an Appearance!

Adding an extra sprinkle of magic to the event was a surprise guest appearance by Lord Newborough himself! He was overjoyed by the event and even participated in some of the activities including handling one of the snakes.

Gratitude to All

A huge thank you goes out to Animal Encounters Wales for their dedication to animal welfare and education. Their expertise and passion for their many legged friends shone through, making the workshops both informative and incredibly enjoyable.

Of course, our biggest thanks go to all the wonderful children and their guardians/parents who attended. Your enthusiasm and lively participation made the day truly special.

Looking Forward to More Animal Encounters!

The success of this event is a testament to the power of interactive learning and the joy of connecting with animals. We look forward to collaborating with Animal Encounters Wales again in the future for more exciting and educational experiences!

Keep visiting the Animal Encounters Experience page on our website for information about events – we’ll post on social media once we have the dates confirmed.

Animal Encounters - Meat the Minibeasts
Lord Newborough - Animal Encounters
Animal Encounters - Meat the Minibeasts

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