We are delighted that Zhanna Bennett has recently joined the team as the Sales, Logistics & Marketing Manager for the new organic skincare range.

Zhanna joins the team at Rhug after working with international retailers Next for six and a half years in Leicester as their International Business Development Manager. She will be working with potential customers for the new Rhug Organic Skincare Range ahead of its launch next Spring.

Lord Newborough is himself spearheading the new Organic & Natural Ltd team at Rhug on a day to day basis assisted by Amy Coleman, Assistant Manager of Rhug’s retail interests. The concept for the new skincare range is based on herbs and berries, blue clay, spring water and homegrown honey all found on the Rhug Estate.

Lord Newborough, Owner of Rhug Estate said, “I am extremely excited by the progress we are making on this new and exciting venture for us here at Rhug Estate. The skincare products will embrace everything the Rhug brand stands for – organic, healthy and natural. Influenced by this beautiful part of the countryside where we are blessed with fresh air, beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers and stunning coastline, it is my aim to launch a body care range which captures and reflects the essence of this area. I am absolutely delighted to welcome Zhanna to the team at Rhug. Her previous experience means she will be a huge asset to the new skincare range.”

Kelly Partner, of Innovation in Creation Ltd, is the acting consultant for the new business. Kelly brings with her a wealth of experience having already been involved in developing a similar bespoke body care range over the past six years. Barbara Scott-Atkinson, of Natural Skincare Solutions Ltd, is developing the range of bespoke body and face cream products for Rhug Organic and Natural Ltd which will include vegan hand wash and creams.

Lord Newborough added, “This new product range will be taken to existing Rhug customers including shops, five-star hotels, restaurants and other outlets. We will also be launching the product online and it is intended to take this product global. We hope to create further jobs on the back of this new venture which will be highly beneficial to this area of north Wales.”

Zhanna, who worked for Peacocks in Cardiff for three years before joining Next said, “I’m delighted to be working with Lord Newborough and the team at Rhug. It’s a very exciting time to be involved with the development and marketing of the new organic skincare range. The Rhug Estate is such a diverse business and yet at its core is organic farming and the beautiful north Wales countryside.”

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