Rhug Estate has this week welcomed Jacques Boissier, the Managing Director of Classic Fine Foods Hong Kong to the farm. Classic Fine Foods are the main distributors of Rhug Estate’s award-winning organic meat in Hong Kong and Macau.

Rhug Estate, through Classic Fine Foods, has been supplying many of the top restaurants and hotels in Hong Kong since 2007 with organic lamb, salt marsh lamb, beef, chicken and game reared on the estate. Rhug also source organic pork, local shot wild deer and organic eggs for Hong Kong’s top chefs who recognise Rhug as a strong, well-recognised, Michelin star brand, which offers unrivalled security of provenance.

Rhug Estate owner, Lord Newborough, has just returned from a week-long visit to Hong Kong where he showcased the range of meats and products available from Rhug to current and potential customers at various events and meetings. He is also working with Classic Fine Foods to open up new markets in the Philippines.

Lord Newborough said, “I do firmly believe that regular meetings with customers, as well as introducing myself to potential customers is essential in order to explain how we use sustainable farming practices to produce our high-quality meats. Organic farming is all to do with adopting the highest standards of animal welfare standards and removing stress in the production cycle, this produces the highest quality meat. Our customers in Hong Kong are a mixture of international clientele and discerning locals that want to know where their food comes from and how it is produced.”

On his visit to Rhug, Classic Fine Foods Hong Kong Managing Director, Jacques Boissier said, “It’s an absolute pleasure to come and visit Rhug Estate. Not only is it an opportunity to see where the high quality meat originates from but it’s great to have a discussion about the latest trends and customer feedback.”

Rhug Estate is fortunate to have an ex-employee, Ynyr Jones, working at Classic Fine Foods. Ynyr worked at Rhug Estate for many years and was promoted through the ranks to shop manager. He now promotes and distributes Rhug products in Singapore through his position at Classic Fine Foods.

Lord Newborough concluded, “We invite chefs and distributors to visit us at Rhug to find out more about what goes into creating the amazing and special organic meat we produce here on the farm. We are delighted to act as host to our customers. Rhug is one of the last true field to plate operations in the country and it is a wonderful opportunity to see organic and sustainable farming at its best. This is a chance to see the animals so quiet and content in the fields and also meet the team here who are so passionate and dedicated at looking after their animals and customers alike.”

Jacques Boissier is pictured with Lord Newborough during his visit to Rhug Estate.

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