Organic September at Rhug Estate Organic Farm

Our governing body, The Soil Association, are paying tribute this month to all of the farmers, producers and buyers of organic food by announcing September as a month in which we can all celebrate and raise awareness of organic produce.

Not only does organic produce hold plentiful benefits for us as consumers, organic farming also makes wonders for our environment, and the incredible wildlife within it.

By making a small change to your weekly shop, you’re helping to make a big change to our planet!

Support organic produce with Rhug Estate Organic Farm.

Protecting the Environment

Organic isn’t just about the health benefits of pesticide reduced products, but it’s also about how organic produce protects the environment. Working with nature, organic farming creates a product that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and reduces carbon emissions, this is due to the natural abundance of carbon within the soil. 

Organic means you know exactly what is in the food on your plate. You’ll never be second guessing if there are unnecessary additives in your food.

Organic Chicken 10% off in September

We’re offering 10% off our Luxury Whole Organic Chicken online and in store, so you can experience the quality of our ethically raised organic produce, which is free of artificial colours and preservatives, antibiotics and GM ingredients. 

Experience ‘Food as it Should be’ as part of our Organic September celebrations at Rhug Estate Organic Farm.

You can find more & get involved in Organic September by heading over to The Soil Association website.

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