With England’s Chief Medical Officer urging us to choose organic meat to tackle the current antibiotic crisis, and a Paris University study proving people who eat organic are 25 percent less likely to get cancer – Lord Newborough, owner of one of the biggest organic farms in Wales, is urging everyone to choose an organic lifestyle and the best time to start is with THE most important meal on the calendar – Christmas dinner.

Lord Newborough has been a passionate supporter of organic farming since the 1990s and when he took over the family farm in north Wales in 1998 he chose to convert the land to being farmed organically. Since then he has travelled the world to promote the benefits of eating organic, high quality, meat.

“I could see the virtues of following an organic lifestyle when it wasn’t very trendy at all. Organic food was extremely difficult to get hold of back in the 90s and when I chose to convert the farm to organic in 1998 I had quite a few raised eyebrows and doubters to deal with.

“Dame Sally Davies, England’s Chief Medical Officer, speaking at the World Innovation Summit on Health in Doha, has actually urged shoppers to choose organic or high welfare meat to combat the rise of antibiotic resistant bugs. She has warned that if antibiotics stop working, society faces an apocalyptic scenario in which treatments including chemotherapy and hip replacements become impossible and common infections kill.”

Lord Newborough continued, “According to researchers at Paris University people who eat organic food are 25 percent less likely to get cancer, following a five-year study of almost 70,000 volunteers. The quarter of people studied who ate the most organic food were 25 percent less likely to get cancer than the quarter who ate the least, even after adjusting for age, class and other health conditions, according to the results in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.”

At the heart of everything Lord Newborough does on his farm at Rhug, near Corwen, is his commitment to an organic lifestyle. Rhug Estate is self-contained and a true ‘field to plate’ operation applying the highest standard of sustainability. The 8,000 acre farm rears organic beef, lamb, pork, bison, deer, chicken, turkey, geese and game.

“Christmas is a good time to make that change to an organic lifestyle. The most important meal of the year is Christmas dinner. Rhug Estate organic turkeys and geese enjoy seven months living free range on the farm. They are free to venture out every day onto clover-rich organic pasture, feed on the finest organic oats, grown on the farm and enjoy a stress-free life listening to classical music. Like all animals on an organic farm, eliminating stress is an all-important factor. Stress free animals produce the highest quality meat. These turkeys are reared to give the very best for you and your family to enjoy at the most important meal of the year.”

Did you Know?

· Organic turkeys are quicker to cook than conventional supermarket turkeys because of their self basting properties under the skin

· Free Range Turkeys get a slow growth, consequently, the meat is more flavoursome, moist and has a superior texture to that of your average supermarket Turkey

· Organic meat has higher quantities of vital vitamins and minerals including Omega 3

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