Rhug Estate is pleased to announce that our Organic Dee Valley Bronze turkeys are now available to order through our website. 

It may seem early too book your Christmas turkey, but we open our Organic Turkey Bookings and Christmas, organic meat boxes early because of their high demand. 

In case you are wondering why you should choose a Rhug Estate Organic Dee Valley Bronze Turkey over any other, putting it simply, our turkeys are the best. This is the most important meal of the year so why not treat yourself and your family to very best.

All of our turkeys, raised on our Organic Estate in North Wales, are fed a diet of finest organic oats grown right here at the Rhug Estate. They free-range on clover-rich pastures, meaning that they have plenty of space to roam and exercise, living a stress-free life, even listening to classical music. Our turkeys have self-basting properties under the skin and because they are slow maturing and truly free range they have texture, flavour, browner more flavoursome leg meat and a thicker skin.

But don’t just take our word for it. Some of the most prestigious restaurants, including The Goring in London and the Four Seasons, choose our Organic Dee Valley Bronze Turkeys to feature on their festive menu. Requests for our Organic Turkeys aren’t just limited to the UK either. Some of our customers are throughout the world in places like Singapore and Hong Kong.

This year, we are also offering a wider range of sizes to choose from, so you can find the perfect turkey for your needs.

To book your turkey, simply click here. We recommend booking early, as our turkeys are in high demand.

We hope you will choose a Rhug Estate Organic Dee Valley Bronze Turkey for your next Christmas feast. You won’t be disappointed!

Direct from the Rhug Estate Farm Shop:

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